Damn it! Now I have to move all my domains.

    • TortoiseWrath
      1 year ago

      I moved my .dev to NameSilo to live with the rest of my domains, since luckily that’s allowed now. See here for the list of options if you have any Google Registry domains (.dev, .app, .new, etc.). Make sure to uncheck “Show preferred partners only” if you don’t care which ones have given Google more money or whatever that means.

      FWIW the comms I’ve seen suggest Squarespace has agreed to actually offer standalone domains as part of this deal… I doubt that’s binding in the long term though, and they’ll certainly want to get people to use their signature site builder product.

      I know Google Cloud Domains (previously separate from Google Domains) is being deprecated too, but I don’t know if those domains are also automatically moving to Squarespace. Seems weird if they do that, since it would drive people directly to one of Cloud’s main competitors… but they’re driving people away from Cloud anyway with this so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯